Comprehensive Car Insurance

With our car insurance, we offer you a high quality service from an accident scene to the service garage. Our Quick Repair Service makes claiming easier for you. Coverage includes loss of vehicle, fire damage, damage to third party property and damage on your own vehicle. With Auto Assistance, our 24 hour service will have you covered throughout Thailand.

Comprehensive Car Insurance (Executive Care)

Comprehensive car insurance with a touch. Pick a garage of your choice from our long list of quality-guaranteed garages and get extra services – from washing and polishing to check up at a special price.

First Care 2+ + Flood

Save up to 50% with First Care 2+ and get a maximum cover of 500,000 Baht!

Third Party Liability, Fire & Theft Motor Insurance + Flood

If your concern is all about the loss of a vehicle, fire damage and/or damage to third party property. This is the solution you are looking for.

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