Engineering Insurance

Highly recommended for construction project owners or contractors, especially for building, plant construction or civil works. This insurance covers project completion value, construction machinery, construction tools, equipment, debris removal cost and consultation costs which may arise from accidents which occur during said construction period.

Contract Work Insurance

Insurance covers risks which may arise during a course of construction, including machine installation or erection and third party liability as a result of accidents.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

For plants in which the production line is primarily dependable on machinery such as generators. In the event of anything going wrong with that machinery the cover for machinery insurance includes accidents from design defects, electrical problems, mechanical malfunctions, or malicious acts.

Constructor’s Plant Equipment All Risk Insurance

If you own construction machinery such as earth moving machines, mobile cranes, conveyor system concrete batching plants then we suggest getting your machinery insured against loss or damage. The Period of cover can be adjusted to fit a specific project period on an annual basis.

Boiler And Pressure Vessel Insurance

Cover includes damage to boiler and pressurized tank arising from defects or mishandling. The insurance also provides compensation in case of death and damage to third party property.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

When electronic equipment is an indispensable part of your business continuity, don’t let accidents such as a short-circuit or operational errors get the best of you. The insurance covers compensation for physical damage to equipment and information retrieval or storage.

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