Q. Will my insurance company stop coverage when I get to a certain age?

A. No. The companies we use will guarantee renewability for as long as you live.

Q. Will my premiums go up every year?

A. Not necessarily. Premiums will go up as you get older. Some companies increase payments every year whereas others choose to increase the premium on a five-yearly basis.

Q. Are Pre-Existing conditions covered?

A. The final decision is with the insurance company and we can only get this when an application form has been completed.

Q. Aren’t all health insurance companies the same?

A. No. That is why you need an impartial, independent broker who continually looks at the market thus ensuring you get the optimal product at the best value for money.

Motor Insurance

Q. Can I drive a car in Thailand without a Thai Driving Licence?

A. The law in Thailand states that you must have a Thai or valid International Driving Licence to drive a car legally in Thailand. However, certain insurance companies will accept a foreign driving licence. You should check with your broker.

Q. Can I get fully comprehensive insurance?

A. Yes, in Thailand it is called Class 1.

Q. This is a new vehicle, why is the sum insured so low?

A. As soon as you drive the car, it is no longer new so it loses value immediately.

Q. Can I transfer my No-Claims Bonus to a new car?

A. No. In Thailand, it is the vehicle that is insured not the driver. However, in recognition of good and safe driving, many insurers will offer an introductory bonus.

Property Insurance

Q. Can I cover personal items such as my wife’s jewellery and my own watch?

A. Yes but we will need a photograph and proof of purchase or an up to date valuation/certificate depending on the item.

Q. Can I ensure my camera and mobile phone outside the house?

A. Yes, there are companies that provide this kind of cover.

Q. I paid THB7,500,000 for my house but you are insuring it for less, why?

A. Because we do not insure the land.

Q. Can I get cover for flood damage?

A. Yes, there are companies which will provide insurance for flood damage.

Corporate Insurance

Q. Do you sell commercial insurance?

A. Yes, we are brokers. We sell all kinds of insurance including commercial insurance, life insurance and a lot more.

Q. If I run a company what types of insurance are compulsory by law?

A. Public liability is a minimum requirement and, depending on your business, other insurance may be required such as product liability, workmen’s compensation etc.

Q. If my company takes out Group Health Insurance, is it tax efficient for both the company and the individual?

A. Yes, a Group Health scheme is tax efficient and can be set up in different ways to benefit the company and/or the individual whereby both can claim tax back.

Q. I have companies in various countries, can I insure all of them through Macallan Insurance Broker?

A. Yes, through our partnerships with various international corporations we can cover you worldwide.