The insurance required for a foreigner wanting to enter Thailand has changed dramatically since COVID 19 was unleashed upon the world earlier this year.

From a very laissez – faire attitude where there was no insurance requirement, suddenly in March 2020 it was announced by the Thai government that any alien wanting to enter Thailand had to show 100,000 USD of COVID 19 insurance before they are granted leave to enter Thailand. This is shown at the Thai embassy, not by producing a policy or showing a medical card, but by getting a certificate of “Proof of insurance” from your insurance provider.

The insurance has to run at least from the date of entry for the length that your visa allows you to stay in Thailand, so it is no use purchasing a one month insurance cover if your visa allows you to stay 90 days or for one year, your application will be rejected out of hand.

While for tourists coming in to Thailand on the new 90 special tourist visa the minimum requirement is 400,000 baht In-patient cover and 40,000 baht Out-patient cover, and 100,000 USD COVID 19 covers, again it must cover as a minimum the length of the issued visa.

The best option is to perhaps consult with an established Thai broker such as Macallan Insurance Broker who will probably suggest an annual policy, paid quarterly so that it can be cancelled when it is no longer needed, and a deductible can be added to reduce the premium.

As the policy is valid for a year, covers COVID 19, accidents and medical problems, excluding pre-existing conditions, this ticks all the boxes for the Thai embassies, the insurance application can be done by e-mail and once accepted, the certificate of insurance can be sent by e-mail and this is acceptable to Thai embassies and consulates.

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