It is the law in Thailand that all motor vehicles must have compulsory third party insurance which is referred to by the Thais as ‘Porobor’. Without the Porobor, it is impossible to get any road tax which is the square sticker displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle or under the seat of your motorbike.

The Porobor offers very little in the way of coverage if you hit someone and no coverage at all if you hit somebody’s property, e.g. a car or house. However, it keeps you legal to drive on the roads.

Additional Car Insurance

Macallan Insurance Broker Ltd. (MIB) recommend that you purchase additional car insurance or vehicle insurance to give you adequate cover. This is divided into three main categories which are called 1st Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class.

  • First Class insurance is what is often termed as Fully Comprehensive or Full Casco in western coverage. It insures you for: Collision, Overturning, Theft, Fire, Liability, some Medical Expenses to the driver and passengers and a Bail Bond.
  • Second Class insurance is a cheaper version of First Class and covers exactly the same as the above EXCEPT there is no cover for collision and overturning.
  • Third Class insurance is a cheaper version of Second Class and covers exactly the same as above EXCEPT theft of the vehicle and fire damage.

With each policy of the additional voluntary insurance, Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 there is an emergency phone number to call in case the insurance is needed. However, MIB customers can use the expertise of their highly trained staff to help through the potential minefield of a claim as MIB has a full follow-up claim service.

Reputable Insurers

When you enquire about a premium, MIB guarantees to find you the optimal policy that will give you the best value for money as we individualize all our quotations from only the most reputable insurers. We will then advise you on whether or not you need a dealer or contract garage should anything untoward happen. We will also say if you should consider a deductible as this option is more applicable in certain circumstances than others.

MIB will also explain how the No-Claims Bonus System works in Thailand.

MIB staff are all fully trained and bilingual. They can offer in depth advice on all other types of insurance as well as vehicle and car insurance. These include but are not limited to: House, Condo, Contents, Health, Commercial, Marine, Travel, Golf, Liability, Workmen’s Compensation and many others.

You can trust MIB to find the correct policy that suits your own individual requirements and to look after you should you need our help.

Macallan Insurance Broker Ltd, Pattaya, Thailand.