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When you visit a hospital in Thailand, it is very common for your Blood Pressure to be taken before you are seen by the doctor. Sometimes it can be higher than usual. This can be due to such things as faulty equipment, a long fast walk from the hospital car park, pain...

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Medical Insurance

Today we have had two clients go to Immigration in Jomtien to renew their retirement visas. One went through without any problems whatsoever and the other was rejected because he was told he did not have any medical insurance. It is our advice that you go to...

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Article – Non-Immigrant O-A Visa, Phuket

Macallan Insurance Broker Co. Ltd. (MIB), its officers and staff, cannot be held responsible for the content of the article and neither agrees nor disagrees with the comments made. It is provided purely for information and MIB will not be held liable in anyway for...

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O, OA and OX visas

Dear Valued Client, As you have probably heard, on 1st November 2019 there are meant to be changes to the law for expats who are holding O, OA and OX visas. However, much confusion remains as to whether these new regulations will apply to all current holders of the...

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